Registered Rowan Nurse

The Rowan Nurse is there for you. She is  highly skilled at supporting people who have experienced rape or sexual assault and will be your guide and advocate from the moment that you arrive at The Rowan.

They will be the first person you meet and they will understand that you have been through a major trauma. You may not be able to take in what is happening, but they will be there to offer reassurance and provide you with the information that you need. They will take time to explain the options available so that you are informed and able to make the right choices for you. They can explain to you the process of the forensic medical examination.

They will be with you throughout the forensic examination if you choose to have one.

If you do not want the police service to be informed, the Rowan Nurse will explain the options available to you. Rowan Nurses are trained to listen to any concerns you may have and answer any questions. They will give you time to absorb and reflect on the information you are being given, so you understand and can make informed choices.

The Rowan Nurse Team also offers a 24 hour telephone information and helpline – phone 0800 389 4424.