How do I access help?

There is a number of ways in which you can access help and support from The Rowan.

The first is through the Police. If you have been sexually assaulted you can report this to the Police directly if you want to. They will arrange for you to visit The Rowan to discuss and receive the support and services you need.

The second is by self-referral (without police involvement). All you need to do is telephone us on 0800 389 4424. This is a free phone number from landlines. During office hours 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, your call will be taken by a member of the Team who will assist you. Outside of these hours, when you phone the same number, your call will be taken by an operator who will take your details in confidence and you will receive a call back from a trained member of the Rowan Team.

If you do not want to make that first call yourself you can ask a friend, family member or any professional or support worker to help make the contact.