Children & Young People


The Rowan offers a range of supports and services to children and young people who have been raped, sexually assaulted or abused. Our staff are trained to support people of all ages, but we understand that as a child or teenager you may feel scared, confused and overwhelmed. You may find it difficult to trust someone enough to get the help you deserve. We can help you. We want to make sure you are okay and feel able to recover from any physical and emotional impact of the assault or abuse.


Our service for children and young people includes:

  • Forensic medical examination by a specially trained doctor.
  • Screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections;
  • Emergency contraception;
  • Emotional support;
  • Provide information to and signpost family members onto support services
  • Referral on to other support services, such as: counselling services; your local GUM clinic; and Victim Support NI;
  • Follow-up support.

When you first access our service, we will talk to you and find out what your needs are. We will make sure you are physically okay and help you deal with the emotional impact of the assault. You will be treated with dignity and respect throughout.

You will be given the chance to have a medical examination where a doctor will examine you. You do not have to have a forensic medical examination but if you do, the Rowan Nurse will support you throughout and explain what is happening. At any point you can change your mind and stop the examination. You are in control of what happens to you.

The doctor will discuss with you if you should have sexual health screening for any sexually transmitted infections.

The doctor will also discuss with you if you need emergency contraception or a pregnancy test.  If you wish to have other support for example, counselling we can help make a referral to a local service with your consent.

You may feel nervous and anxious about speaking to anyone, but it is important to talk about what has happened. There may be a relative or a friend you can confide in and if not, The Rowan can offer you the support that you need.


As a young person we will need to inform your local Safeguarding Team that you have attended and discuss any concerns about your  and wellbeing. We will always discuss this with you and listen to any concerns you may have which we will take seriously.

Other useful contacts

NSPCC / Child Line
Tel:  0800 1111
web support for 12-16 year olds

Contact Youth Counselling
02890 744499

Tel. 101 or 999 (if an emergency)

Social Services

Belfast HSC Trust Gateway Team: 02890507000

Northern HSC Trust Gateway Team: 0300 1234 333

Southern HSC Trust Gateway Team: 0800 7837745

South-Eastern HSC Trust Gateway Team: 0300 1000300

Western HSC Trust Gateway Team: 02871 314090

Regional Emergency Social Work Service: 02895 049999

Contact Youth Counselling
02890 744499